Video Killed the Radio Star Parody Response

The music video the history teacher made was amazing! First off I want to say that “Digital Life” sounds so much like “video killed the radio star”. Lots of the things said in the video are true, but not all. For example, I don’t have instagram on my iPod, but that doesn’t mean pictures I take on my camera (not my iPod camera) didn’t happen, or things I said didn’t happen. Comparing the 2 videos I see that both of the messages are about how technology is evolving. With “video killed the radio star” it talks about how when video came along the radio became less popular hence ‘video killed the radio star’. I also find this a bit ironic though; Buggle made a video about how video killed the radio star.

            With the increase of technology there is lots of controversy about whether or it’s good, or bad. Another controversy is whether or not schools should use more technology in classes. I definitely think that using technology in school is a good thing, but only to an extent. At the end of the video Amber Case said that she thought humans where becoming more like cyborgs. If we stop using books and paper in school the human race will most definitely become 'cyborgs'.

            Technology has become a huge part of our lives now. People are always on their phones, or on Facebook. I’ll admit that I also am on an electronic device much of the time, mostly playing games. This I can see is where people think electronics are bad, but there are even more good things about it. For example, the Internet is like a library, but it will always have the book you are looking for. I’ve also taken my love of video games and started making my own; and where did I learn this?  The Internet! With all the information we need to know technology is now a necessity in life, as too many people now rely on it for what they need or want to know. However, even though technology helps us greatly we also need to do other things that do not involve electronics.


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