Definition Poem

_________.Its bright as a star, you cant look at it. If you look at it, your eyes are going to hurt. It changes your mood sometimes, coming back and forth sometimes, and it uses its power so much, its going to hurt you sometimes. It warms you and makes you tear. But without it we cant live. It shines our life and shines our day.

My Definition Poem

An __________
roars like an angry bear;
cracks like thin ice thawing;
when it rumbles; avalanches.
As harmless as a leaf;
as devastating as a tsunami.
When one happens, more may follow.
It growls demanding satisfaction;
demanding disaster.
A way for earth to take back it's resources;
take back what was stolen from the earth.

Definition Poem.


What is _______? 
It's like a tissue, wiping away your tears. 
It's like the sun warming your soul.
It's a feeling inside that makes you feel like you can do anything.
A twinkling star in a dark night sky. 

It's a rising flower in shriveled dirt.
It's a butterfly in a dark wasteland.
It is a twinkling star in a sky of black clouds.
That is _______.

Definition Poem!

A huge rock. Wider on the bottom and gradually gets smaller near the top.
Shooting lava up into the air.
As everyone runs for cover,
Black smoke emerges, giving you a warning before the explosions start.
There are thousands still on this planet, some are underwater, just waiting to burst.
Nothing can stop it from exploding.
The scary thing is, some don't explode for thousands of years and people do not see it as a threat.
What is this ?

What is ____?

It is like a snake, with a beginning, and an end.
It's head is as defenseless as a newborn pup.
It's neck, a flower, delicate, and fragile, but no matter how much you step on it, it still stands.
It's body, a stone, remains the same throughout the years; but when you look closely, it is constantly changing.
It's tail is long, short, large, and small; it is the hardest part to see of them all.
It can go by in a flash; but when it stands still, motionless, it's as if it wasn't there at all.
At times, it's skin is smooth; at times, it's skin is scaly, and gets twisted.
When it smiles, it brings happiness and joy.
But when it cries, it brings suffering and pain.
You may wish for it to flee, but when it's gone, you will weep.

The BC Election

I voted for the liberals in our school election. I liked their campaign promises, and how they would apply to me later in my education. When I did the CBC vote compass the outcome for who's campaign suited me the most was the NDP, however this did not sway my vote towards them. Last time they were in government they gave BC a huge debt. Once elected out it took the liberals another 4 years to finish paying the debt off. I also believe that this would happen again if they were elected into government again. Their campaign promises had a huge total cost, making me believe this can happen again. Also I would like to say that sometimes people start complaining about what the government does. The government tries to do the best they can for the province, and when people complain about what the government did last time they were elected they don't think about the things that they had to fix.

Speaking of people that complain about the government I would like to talk about their right to vote. They can vote, giving them a chance to elect the party to win. So when they complain they shouldn't blame the government, we were the ones that put them in that position. We are the ones who agreed to what they do because they promised to do it. There are also people who don't vote AND complain about the government. I have only one thing to say... You can vote too. Don't complain if you don't even vote. As Canadians we have the right, the privilege and the responsibility to vote for who runs our country, and our provinces.

Lastly I would like to talk about the involvement of media in the elections now a days. This is a very useful way of transferring information, however it is not right for the media to try to sway a vote. They should stay neutral throughout the election. This would give a much more fair vote because people can listen the info about each party and choose for themselves who to vote for. It is unfair for a news reporter to go 'And I am going to vote for________ because they say they are going to do ______, _________ and ___________. Because of this you should vote for them too.'

That's all for now........

Election response!

     Some people think that negative ads should be illegal. I don't think they should because if you are running against a strong competition you need to take them down somehow. i also don't think that its right because tour trying to throw your competition under the bus. Lots of parties only talk about the pros but I also think it's a good strategy to compare what you have and they dont. comparing your team to theirs will show you how you have something better than there's. here is an example of comparing
Now here is a example of telling you why you should vote for them
After seeing those you automatically want to vote for them , but which one was more effective? Comparing or listing points? 

 I believe that during the campaigns media should not be showing "emotion" . By saying that I believe that the media shouldn't pick sides because then the voters might change their decision. Media can change peoples minds fast and effectively that's why reporters should report the facts straight up so voters don't get confused. A reporter could say something that makes the leader sound like they were saying something that they didn't. Reporters a crucial because they can change stories and ruin candidates chances of winning!!

 In conclusion, media does play a huge role in elections. In my opinion media should always talk about each campaign equally so voters don't know more about one campaign than the others. In some ways it can be the medias fault for people loosing because if they "hype" up one team and not the others voters can start to fall for those ones.  Media is a big part of campaigns and reporters have to watch how they present themselves.  If the reporter doesn't like one campaign and they show it, for example, talking like they don't care, shows attitude etc. it can ruin the campaign totally. If that same reporter shows that they like this campaign like eg. Sounds happy, shares own opinion, it can help that campaign.
During these election times reporters have to make sure they watch what they do and say because they can be blamed for a party losing! 

BC Elections Reflections!

 For the past 2 weeks in class, we have been creating our own election debate and ads to help the students in our school decide which party they would like to vote for in the student vote. As you all know, we as students cannot vote until we are 18 years or older. The student vote gives us students a chance to speak our opinion and vote in the BC election. This is a really great opportunity because the student vote teaches us how to vote and also makes us want to vote when we become legal to do so. Students will feel like it is sort of a tradition to vote and therefore, they will vote. This is the next generation we are talking about and the student vote is great to make the students familiar to voting.

    We, as Canadian citizens, are so lucky to have the right to vote no matter what race, ethnicity, shape, or size you are. We should not neglect this wonderful opportunity because others who cannot vote, are dying to have a say in what they, as a country do. What I am trying to say is, every Canadian citizen should vote. It is our duty to do so responsibly. Many people take things for granted and do not appreciate the things our government does for all of us. So many people do not vote in elections simply because they are lazy to go through the hassle of trying to figure out which party to vote for. It is actually really simple to find who you want to vote for. Just watch the news every evening and you will find out the pros and cons of every party! Simple as that!

    I must say, the whole election project that was going on in our Humanities class really motivated me to want to vote when I am 18! I did lots of research for every party so I basically know a few details here and there about every party. This year, if I were to actually vote in the BC Elections, I would vote for the Liberal Party. Partially because when I was watching the debate on T.V. , Christy Klark answered most of the questions anyone asked her very smoothly and persuasively and that is a very important aspect of debating. I personally did not like how Adrian Dix was dodging a lot of questions and avoiding telling the truth. That tells a lot of the party’s decisions. There were also some negative things that the NDP party had done so that convinced me more to want to vote for the Liberal party.

  In conclusion, we should all vote no matter what because we are considered lucky that we even get a chance to vote. It is a duty that you should do as Canadians to be responsible and respectful. I encouraged my parents to vote this year and you should too.