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Today in humanities class, I saw a post about motivation by guy name Tony who lives in Turkey. The post was about motivation and I think it was really creative. He uses some creative visuals and i was amazed of his blogging style. It's different from others and it was unique and creative. I hate when I'm reading something, there's no visuals or pictures to make me interested or grabs my attention. But he used lots visuals and pictures that makes me interesting. When I'm usually reading something in English, I usually lost my attetion when I don't fully understand what it means or what its trying to say, But somehow I didn't lose my attetion to the post and the post makes me keep reading the post. I think it was becuase of those interesting visuals. Also I think what he wrote was really important. I think he was talking about creativity and motivation(i don't fully understand what he said). So overall, I think it was really creative and interesting.

Motivation Post!

      Yesterday in Humanities class, we looked at a post that was written by Tony Gurr, a teacher in Turkey. The post was about motivation and it has a slight twist to it. Instead of a multi-paragraph composition, Tony actually had thoughtful pictures to replace the many paragraphs that bore everyone. I really loved his blogging style and here are some reasons why:

     For some people, they like to read just words, but for me, I like having something different to grab my attention after reading many paragraphs. The main reason that I liked Tony`s post so much was because he used images to catch my attention after reading a few sentences. The pictures will always be related to the paragraphs some way or another so if you understand the picture, you will most likely understand the information, I found that the amount of pictures was perfect because he still did explain them in two or three paragraphs, but nothing too overwhelming.

   What really drew me in was that the pictures were not just straight forward and to the point, you actually had to think about what it meant for a few minutes to really understand the meaning of the images. This made me think a lot more and got me using my brain because I really wanted to figure out why he had those images there. For example, he had a picture of a slanted L sign that drivers have when they are learning how to drive. Underneath it, he had "This is a LEARNacy ZONE". A person has to be very creative to come up with these types of pictures that have a meaning to them.

    I also really loved how he used quotes from other authors or poets that are pretty well known so can all make a connection to them. Here is an example of one of the quotes he quoted: "As Tim Harford once remarked, success always starts with failure as individuals learn from their mistakes and are encouraged to creative something new and different.". 

  Overall, I think Tony Gurr's post on Motivation is an unique post because I have not seen any other blog posts that use images as the main focus. He had some really important and great points on motivation that we should all follow. His blogging style is something I would definetly see other bloggers trying out because it grabs the readers' attention really easily and it also looks visually appealing so more people will come to read what he has to say. I highly recommend you go check his post out because you will truly be amazed!

Here is the link to his post:

                                                                                             Thank you for reading!
                                                                                                                - Sydney T. 

LEARNacy Response

Today we looked at a blog post by a man named Tony Gurr. This man lives in Turkey, and has his own blog: AllThe post we read was on motivation and learnacy. I know that learnacy isn't a real word, but Tony makes it sensible.... So you should read the post. For the most part I thought the post was really well done. I really like how he worded it, and some of the things he did was really good. However some things I didn't like. I will now talk about some of these.

One of the things I didn't like was the amount of pictures. I am going to call this the 'Picture Problems'. At first I thought that the pictures were good. These weren't just pictures you read and go 'Oh, I get where he's coming from'. The pictures on his post made you have to think. This enhances the post, but he had a picture more than once every 3 sentences. Some people think this is really good, but I don't like it. With all the pictures that you have to think about it gets annoying. If it takes 5 minutes for someone to figure out what the picture means, then it will take 2 hours for them to finish this post.

The next thing he did was capitalizing parts of words to make it more important. I thought this was really good and made the post better. For example he did many things like LEARNing, and TEACHing. I thought this was a cool way to express important words relating to the post. It also triggers something that makes it more exciting. Lastly it is a good way to show the same part of a word, ex. learn, and show it in many words, ex. LEARNing, LEARNers.

The last thing I want to talk about is the side comments under the pictures. Some of the side comments didn't seem to relate to the post, and what he was talking about. One of them was a picture of Darth Vader holding a lightsaber with the words 'The Principal'. Then his comment underneath was:

Darth…is that a “carrot” or a “stick” in your mechanical hand? 
I didn't understand what this had to do with motivation and 'LEARNacy'. Another comment I didn't like was this one: 
Go ondisagree with my favourite rahmetli hocam – I dare you!
I thought it was a little bit rude. Some people might honestly disagree with what his 'rahmetli hocam'.

Over all I think Tony had some great points about motivation. I really liked some of his blogging styles like the capitalizing part of words. I thought he had good pictures, just a bit too many making it annoying. I thought that some of Tony's comments were confusing or rude. In the end I encourage you to look at the post and make your own opinion.

My Similie Poem

First thing's first, you don't have to do this...

A cat is like summer
It is playful and warm
A lion is like autumn
Warm colours with a biting cold
A cat is like a tiger
They act fierce and think they rule the world
A lion is like a wolf
They live and hunt in groups
Also some of you guys still need to post your POETRY THAT MOVES!

Poetry That Moves

Poem - Just One
Author - Unknown
Source -

I hope you enjoy my video linked below!

Poetry that Moves!

In Humanities class, we have been studying poetry for the past few weeks. We were told to create a video, or powerpoint on a poem that we could pick. I chose to do a stop motion video of me drawing the images related to the poem on a white board. I had a lot of technical difficulties with this and finally got it to work so I hope you enjoy! My poem is on living life to the fullest!

Here is the link to the video : Poetry that Moves

 Thank you for reading!

Poetry That Moves