Poetry that Moves!

In Humanities class, we have been studying poetry for the past few weeks. We were told to create a video, or powerpoint on a poem that we could pick. I chose to do a stop motion video of me drawing the images related to the poem on a white board. I had a lot of technical difficulties with this and finally got it to work so I hope you enjoy! My poem is on living life to the fullest!

Here is the link to the video : Poetry that Moves

 Thank you for reading!


Jarrod V said...

Hi Sydney!

You're video was really good. Also you didn't have to apologize for your drawing skills, they were really good. Something you could have done better is, when you were voice recording there were some gaps. If you had slightly longer gaps between each line it would have shorter gaps when you finished the voice over before the next set of pictures. Also when you stumbled in that one part, you could have done a few different voice over for the different parts. E.g. First 4 lines, stop, next 4 lines. This way you wouldn't have to re-do the whole thing if you mess up. Over all you did an excellent job!

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