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Today we looked at a blog post by a man named Tony Gurr. This man lives in Turkey, and has his own blog: AllThe post we read was on motivation and learnacy. I know that learnacy isn't a real word, but Tony makes it sensible.... So you should read the post. For the most part I thought the post was really well done. I really like how he worded it, and some of the things he did was really good. However some things I didn't like. I will now talk about some of these.

One of the things I didn't like was the amount of pictures. I am going to call this the 'Picture Problems'. At first I thought that the pictures were good. These weren't just pictures you read and go 'Oh, I get where he's coming from'. The pictures on his post made you have to think. This enhances the post, but he had a picture more than once every 3 sentences. Some people think this is really good, but I don't like it. With all the pictures that you have to think about it gets annoying. If it takes 5 minutes for someone to figure out what the picture means, then it will take 2 hours for them to finish this post.

The next thing he did was capitalizing parts of words to make it more important. I thought this was really good and made the post better. For example he did many things like LEARNing, and TEACHing. I thought this was a cool way to express important words relating to the post. It also triggers something that makes it more exciting. Lastly it is a good way to show the same part of a word, ex. learn, and show it in many words, ex. LEARNing, LEARNers.

The last thing I want to talk about is the side comments under the pictures. Some of the side comments didn't seem to relate to the post, and what he was talking about. One of them was a picture of Darth Vader holding a lightsaber with the words 'The Principal'. Then his comment underneath was:

Darth…is that a “carrot” or a “stick” in your mechanical hand? 
I didn't understand what this had to do with motivation and 'LEARNacy'. Another comment I didn't like was this one: 
Go ondisagree with my favourite rahmetli hocam – I dare you!
I thought it was a little bit rude. Some people might honestly disagree with what his 'rahmetli hocam'.

Over all I think Tony had some great points about motivation. I really liked some of his blogging styles like the capitalizing part of words. I thought he had good pictures, just a bit too many making it annoying. I thought that some of Tony's comments were confusing or rude. In the end I encourage you to look at the post and make your own opinion.


allthingslearning said...

Hi Jarrod,

I missed this one...first time around. Sorry.

I liked this...you balanced your critique very nicely. Your comments made me "thunk" ;-)

As for the comment on "carrots and sticks" - why not take a look at the earlier posts I did on this. They should help you (with many of the posts, I tend to run a "series"...bit like a TV show...we call them TV "dizi" here in Turkey):



I also try to encourage my blogging friends to do "guest posts"...and reflect on a more personal level. See this one from my friend, Laurence (also a TEACHer - at a university here):


Do they help you see the "bigger picture"? I know I am sometimes a bit "cheeky" when I deal with "serious" issues...but I try to get people to see things through the eyes of others (many TEACHers...still...and sadly...do not look at LEARNing from the perspective of students) ;-)

As for LEARNacy, it is a "real" word - I kid you not, my friend. It was created by a very well-know EDUcator called Guy Claxton (Ms Lees will know him well). Why not take a look at another "dizi" I did a few months back all about LEARNacy and student engagement. This was designed to help TEACHers "walk in the shoes of students" a little bit more...I would LOVE to see what you thunk (yes, I know I overuse that "word", too)...


Shiriously, I would love to "hear" your perspective...

Take care,


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