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Today in humanities class, I saw a post about motivation by guy name Tony who lives in Turkey. The post was about motivation and I think it was really creative. He uses some creative visuals and i was amazed of his blogging style. It's different from others and it was unique and creative. I hate when I'm reading something, there's no visuals or pictures to make me interested or grabs my attention. But he used lots visuals and pictures that makes me interesting. When I'm usually reading something in English, I usually lost my attetion when I don't fully understand what it means or what its trying to say, But somehow I didn't lose my attetion to the post and the post makes me keep reading the post. I think it was becuase of those interesting visuals. Also I think what he wrote was really important. I think he was talking about creativity and motivation(i don't fully understand what he said). So overall, I think it was really creative and interesting.


Anonymous said...


TY for popping in to the blog ;-) Yes, I get that it is sometimes difficult to follow everything on my blog...come on, even I have trouble "following me" from time to time.

However, I think you have hit the nail on the head (for students and TEACHers)...when you talk about the importance of creativity. This is the thing that can spark interest in kids...and TEACHers, too.

You say the visuals are the thing that keep you you think this is true for most students...or just you? How do you know this?

That second question is an important one - and will probably hurt your head a lot (it always hurts mine) ;-) This is how we check...what we thunk we know. Does that make sense? So, if you wanted to compare your views...with those of others, what could you do?

Mmmm, that could be a big project. How long is a bit of string? Tell me what you think...would love to hear your thoughts.

Take care,


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